About Us

Friendthem was born from a missed business connection, a missed business opportunity.

The Friendthem dream is to give the world the chance to build their business’s, gain exposure for their brands and increase their followings and to do this with just ‘one click’ and without forcing others to search. Friendthem will plan our work and work our plan and do this smartly so everybody on relevent social mediums will be able to follow and be followed by people around them with jus ‘one click’ and again, eliminating the present antiquated search process that is currently required.

Friendthem has a diverse and expierenced management team with a clear vision in our sights.

Friendthem will change the way the world connects. Friendthem will offer the world “one click connectivity” and help eliminate any future missed business opportunities. “Business happens when people connect”™

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, you feedback is welcomed.

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